@travis That is pretty slick! I think Rancher much provide their own dashboard too, I'm using the one from Google lol

@travis Maybe I will try that on these dang Raspberry Pi's I bought since they're not serving their original purpose lol

@jimmyb yeah i have a pile of raspberry pis collecting dust.. i want to love them because they're cute, but i hate them because they're kinda underpowered and ARM has fewer packages/docker images available than x86.

@travis Haha, totally agree. I have the RPi 4 @ 4GB so I figured 4 of them would be great for a little Kubernetes cluster, but yeah, the whole ARM(64) ruined that lol

@jimmyb yeah its annoying when you get the thing working and its like YES I"M GONNA RUN ALL MY SHIT oh wait none of its made for arm :C

@loweel rancher.com/docs/rancher/v2.x/ rancher is the sheeeeeeeet and the people on rancher-users.slack.com are friendly too

what are you using? :)

@travis I'm interested in reading your blogpost, however it seems your blog might be down. Is there another way to read it?

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